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Chapter Two of “The Tower and the Sea” on YouTube

Posted by | August 18, 2011.

Just in time for the weekend, we have three new readings from “The Tower and the Sea” up on the Youtubes. This begins our journey into chapter two. Do take a listen.

The Color of Your Soul
What Pleases Your Creator
Sailing the Midnight Sea

America Can Fight the Plague of Creationism

Posted by | August 11, 2011.

Creationism is a dogmatic, anti-science creed and one of the creeping cultural problems that are strangling our country like a thorny vine around the neck. I speak about Creationism in this video, and how we can fight back against an unrelenting agenda to corrupt our schools and our youth. Have a look.

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The Danger of the Christian Doomsday Prophet

Posted by | August 9, 2011.

We have a new video up on the Midnight Sea Society’s YouTube page, this one concerning the danger of the Christian Doomsday prophet. You’ve seen these people in the news lately, especially one Harold Camping, who predicted an end of the world which did not come true. Just like every other predicted end times that wasn’t. Listen to my thoughts about the Christian doomsday prophet and discover what you can do to protect yourself and your family from the siren song of these predatory religious con men.

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